Top Dog Pool Supply was started by Jim Cecero in 1986 as a pool cleaning business. At the time, it went under the name of Top Dog Pool Service. For the first few years, it was just a part time operation. Jim always believed that there was only one way to do things, and that was the right way! When word got out about a really good pool service things started to get busy.

Each year Top Dog Pool Supply grew more and more. Cleaning pools led into making repairs to swimming pool equipment, such as pumps, filters, and heaters. Jim had an extensive background in electrical & plumbing and used that experience to obtain a California State Contractor license, allowing repairs and installations to be expanded. The company became known as Top Dog Swimming Pool Repair. In those days the one man operation was performed entirely from a used potato chip delivery truck. Customer communications were provided by one of the first portable cell phones available!

In 1996 Jim worked closely with Hayward Pool Products to help improve the Hayward Navigator and Pool Vac. Sta-Rite Industries also called upon him to provide in-field feedback for the new Great White Automatic Pool Cleaner. Some of Jim's ideas are still in use on modern pool cleaners. Jim also became one of the first Baracuda automatic pool cleaner in-field warranty representatives. This experience has helped Jim and Top Dog Pool Supply to become the automatic pool cleaner experts we are today.

In 1997 repair calls started to come in at a frantic pace! The next step was to find more help. Since that time, the employee pool grew each year and a small warehouse had to be rented as a base of operations. In 1998, using the funds from a small SBA loan, Jim purchased the assets of his largest competitor and the resulting company became known as Top Dog Swimming Pool Repair and Neu-Dek Pool Supply. Then 1999 brought the move to our present location and the company name was shortened to Top Dog Pool Supply. We built our first internet site in 2000.

Our store has grown to over 7000 square feet and is open 7 days a week during the Bakersfield swimming season. We have most items in stock that folks need for their in ground pools. Our service department is second to none, always keeping up with the latest technology and offering the best products available today. From basic equipment to the most advanced electronic systems, we have it all.

Over the years Top Dog Pool Supply has employed some of the best technicians, pool service persons, and customer service representatives in the business. We keep up with all the latest goods and services available in the swimming pool industry. Our company is an authorized service center for most pool equipment manufacturers and provides in-field warranty service in the Bakersfield, CA area. Top Dog is well known in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas for our knowledge and extensive inventory of swimming pool and spa supplies. For more than 32 years Bakersfield pool owners have come to regard us as a source of expert advice regarding the care of their swimming pools.

We use our extensive experience to help our customers. Our staff can answer your questions and give you advice because we know about, and have firsthand experience with, our products.