We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you buy something, then change your mind you may return, or cancel, your unused item for a refund, or store credit, within 30 days of your purchase. There will be a 15% restocking charge. Please call us for details.

If you purchased an item, and have used it, or have installed it, and have a problem with the item please call us on our toll free number so that we may help you. Some items that have manufacturer defects may be replaced, or depending on the item, they may be repaired by the manufacturer. Many items, such as automatic pool cleaners are supported by the technical service departments of the company that made them. We will do everything we can to help you get any situation resolved. In most cases we will follow the manufacturers' defective item policies to help us solve your situation.

We take care to be sure that all goods are shipped from our warehouse are packaged properly. If damage occurs during shipping, and there is visible damage to the outside of the box, please note this to the carrier that makes the delivery. Doing so will help us get a damage claim resolved quickly, and the damaged item to be replaced in a timely manner.

Our goal is to make you a lifelong customer. We will work with you to achieve that goal. If you have any questions about our company, our products, or our policies or services, please call us toll free at (800) 350-3036.

If you have an item to return please call our Customer Service Department at (800) 350-3036 to receive a Return Goods Authorization Number. Note the RGA number on your shipping label. UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS WILL BE REFUSED.